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Final Window Painting

A lot of the complexity is in the paint needing to overlap the putty slightly, and make contact with the glass. This ensures a proper seal, but is also incredibly tricky in that it’s paint on glass (and has a tendency to run and not remain in a straight line).


Operation Halloween Candy Dispenser

The best sound of the whole night? When young kids were simply unable to really manage the salad tongs, and so it would just be this sound of constant buzzing for like 20 seconds. Hilarious. Made me laugh every single time.


Halloween Prep, Continued

It’s been a long, long time since I did this. But the parts and pieces are all familiar. Though we had a lot of electrical outlets in the basement, the shapes weren’t quite what we needed… so Liz and I made a special trip to Home Depot, just for some newer outlets. Which turned out to be an excellent call, because we got some good stuff.


Installing Glass Panes

Liz, continuing her work on restoring the hall windows. Because all the previous glass panes had a lot of scratches… she cut new window panes by hand, and applied the putty to set each pane into the window.

The first one took some time, but it looked like she found her rhythm.


Covering the Hallway

Navigating the large bit of plywood solo was a little tricky, but I did manage to get the hang of it. I only had to haul it up here a few times, after hauling it back downstairs to do refinement cuts. Turned out pretty ok.


Screen Repair

While I did a lot of Asana and planning work, Liz was busy in the basement. In addition to her work refinishing a window… Liz also worked on repairing our front screen door (which has had a hole in it for what feels like forever).


Travel Day, Scotland to Chicago

A lot of logistics for us today. We fly out of Glasgow, so this meant driving the hour from Edinburgh to Glasglow, stopping to add petrol to the car, before then dropping it off at the airport.


Scotland, Day 16: Hiding Out in the Hotel Room, Soup at Union of Genius, Cocktails at Panda and Sons, Kaleidoscope Bar at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Dinner at the Scran and Scallie

We learned a bit more about the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and both Liz and I were quite floored by the selections that our server, Francesco, pulled for us.

We had several drams here, and each and every single one was absolutely delicious. I think right here and now is where I started to really lean towards cask strength Speyside whiskies, very bright and fruit forward.