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On the list: several bags of Moonure. After picking up all these bags and loading them in the car, I had to fight the urge to text Liz that I was “finally done with all this shit.”


Renting a Sod Cutter

This thing… was actually quite stressful for me to procure. It must be my planning and default stress, but the whole process was a bit daunting. The thing is around 300 pounds, and I was worried about transporting it to/from Home Depot.


Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1

With our travel done yesterday afternoon/evening, Liz and I spent the day today working remotely. Which… when you’re already working remotely, where that happens seems like a moot point.


Garden Arbor Construction, Part 5

Despite it being a Friday, Liz and I opted to suit up after work to put in a bit more time getting the arbor in order. We wanted to get some concrete in for the posts (and to also figure out how much more concrete we needed to purchase, in the event we needed more).


Garden Arbor Construction, Part 2

Liz, clearing out some roots and rocks. We learned that whenever the augur would bind and jerk, that was our cue to stop it and remove whatever obstruction was down there with a post hole digger.

This was a lesson I didn’t quite learn when I was going solo – I’d hit a snag, and just keep trying to power through. When what I should have done was stop and clear.


The Arbor Prototype

We had a lot of backwards math to do: start with the overall height, then reduce it down to where we wanted it to be. Then figure out the height of the posts themselves. And then also factor in how far the posts should go into the ground.


Relocating the Garden Box

Liz has a vision for restructuring our backyard. To even begin laying out that plan, one of our garden boxes needed to be relocated.

This isn’t a final move, but more of a “get it out of the way for now” move.


Liz’s Second Birthday at Home

We’re both nearing the two weeks after our second shot, but we’ve been sequestered for so long… going out to eat anywhere still feels distant. I think it will take us a considerable amount of time before we feel comfortable doing something like that again.