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Front Yard Work

I got to break up the monotony a bit, by helping move bags of mulch up front. While I didn’t have much to show, our front yard looks great again.


Garden Arbor Construction, Part 10

Post-work, finally getting around to installing the arches we cut out.

It’s a bit of a daunting process, us committing to installing these things. Because I feel like I did a really poor job of cutting them out. But we sucked it up and tried to align the pieces as best we could.


Double Take

Found not one but two photos on my phone. Liz continues this terrible habit of snapping photos of me sleeping, and I enable it by posting those photos here.


More Planting

Liz, pointing out the new plants that are in. And the various spots where she found a ton of bricks/rocks. Which appear to be everywhere in our yard, at a certain depth.


After the Storm

The more I looked, the more I realized how much of a custom contraption it seemed to be. A bunch of tubes, duct-taped together, leading into a barrel.


Christiana Lakehouse, Day 4

I had a lot of fun playing ping-pong with both Sebastian and Paige. They’re both quite formidable, and we were all pretty evenly matched.

Liz decided to get in on the phone, and played a few rounds with Paige in the garage.


Christiana Lakehouse, Day 2

A big event that many of us were looking forward to this weekend: Tricia, visiting with the kids. It’s been ages since Liz and I have seen Paige, Audrey, and Sebastian… and it was a mini-reunion of sorts when they all arrived.