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Floor Insulation, Part 2

We brought up a sheet of plywood from the kitchen, and split up our tasks: Liz focused on measuring and cutting insulation while I went and removed the last bits of floor in the master bedroom (which the furnace had been sitting on).


Cement Pour in Cedar Lake

Yesterday, Liz and I had plans to help Bob with a cement pour over at Katie’s place. The weather wasn’t on our side yesterday, with a ton of rain throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Bob and Tim worked outside in the rain all day, and got a lot of the initial prep work done (framing, laying down a paver base, renting a compactor, rebar). And so the actual work of pouring the cement got shifted to today.


Hallway Demo

We had a bit of an audible today, as Liz and I were slated to go out to Katie’s house to help pour some concrete. The weather was looking a little iffy, and by the time we got on the road… we talked with Bob, and determined it would be better to reschedule.

At home, what did we do with that newly free time? We decided to work on the house.


Clearing Out the Kitchen

To help give Bob some room when he works in there (soon), we decided to make clearing the kitchen more of a priority. We had his help today in relocating the AC units, and one of the furnaces down into the basement. We moved the other furnace upstairs, to the office… where it will eventually get installed in its own furnace room.


House Planning with Bob

With a project like this, the dates are going to fluctuate and change. Liz and I have no illusions about that. But our goal is to apply all this down to a calendar that we can reference on any given day, to see if we are on schedule, ahead of schedule, or falling behind. And if we’re falling behind, it gives us some insight into what our options/obstacles are… if we still want to hit our end date.


Adding a Little Shine

Liz continued work on the basement treads tonight, applying a first round of varnish. Since she was all about this task, I ended up taking on some of the outside/garden duties, and watered the back garden boxes, and all the plants along the fence and in the front yard.