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Christiana Lakehouse, Day 4

I had a lot of fun playing ping-pong with both Sebastian and Paige. They’re both quite formidable, and we were all pretty evenly matched.

Liz decided to get in on the phone, and played a few rounds with Paige in the garage.


Christiana Lakehouse, Day 2

A big event that many of us were looking forward to this weekend: Tricia, visiting with the kids. It’s been ages since Liz and I have seen Paige, Audrey, and Sebastian… and it was a mini-reunion of sorts when they all arrived.



On the list: several bags of Moonure. After picking up all these bags and loading them in the car, I had to fight the urge to text Liz that I was “finally done with all this shit.”


Renting a Sod Cutter

This thing… was actually quite stressful for me to procure. It must be my planning and default stress, but the whole process was a bit daunting. The thing is around 300 pounds, and I was worried about transporting it to/from Home Depot.


Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1

With our travel done yesterday afternoon/evening, Liz and I spent the day today working remotely. Which… when you’re already working remotely, where that happens seems like a moot point.