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Mattress Shopping

The two of us have been dealing with discomfort, back aches, and things we feel fairly confident are tied to our bed being super, super old. So Liz decided that today… we’d focus on going out, trying out some mattresses, and finding an official replacement.


House Day: Plants and Furnace

Late in the evening, Liz was finishing out the day power washing some of the planters that sit at the base of our front steps.

I can’t help myself: every time I break out the pressure washer, it feels to me like I’m putting together a sniper rifle. And soon after, anytime I see it being used… I hear the “pew pew” sounds in my head. I’m a five year old.


Belated Birthday Dinner at Balmoral

Interesting tidbit 1: I think a while ago, Liz got to meet Joe for the first time at this very restaurant. And it’s also where she got to taste different scotch whiskies that were outside of the peaty/smoky realm. And I daresay that’s when she got the spark to start exploring scotch whisky a lot more, and started going down her sherry bomb phase.


Yard Work, Interior Work

House day today – Liz was working in the yard, and I was inside helping Bob (who was working on our AC/HVAC).

I started the day with a run to Lowe’s to pick up several bags of mulch. But after that, I mostly shot between inside/outside, trying to help out where I could. In both places, Liz and Bob were the primary folks doing the work… and I just tried to assist as best I could.



Liz and I were on a walk to pick up some dinner, tonight. Along the way, we spotted some Wisteria that had stretched out from a nearby yard over the sidewalk.


Liz’s Birthday 2023, Day 6: Hiking Mary’s Rock Summit and Byrd’s Nest #3 in Shenandoah, Shopping in Downtown Luray, Walking the Grounds at Glen Gordon Manor, Dinner at Houndstooth

I’m not great with heights, but I was mostly ok the whole time were on the summit. As I was looking out, I saw all this green… and it registered like a wide swath of rolling meadows and fields.

After staring a bit, it would slowly dawn on me that the green I was seeing was not grass… but in fact the actual tops of trees. And on suddenly realizing how high up we were, my knees then immediately turned to jelly.


Liz’s Birthday 2023, Day 5: Copper Fox Distillery, Dinner and Ice Cream in Front Royal, Driving Through Shenandoah National Park at Night

Despite the late night illness last night, Liz was up fairly early. We had looked into a nearby distillery, and discussed going on one of their tours (11AM)… but I figured this was out, given how Liz was sick overnight.

But come 9:30 AM, she was up and ready. And we started to scramble, to try to get breakfast and make our way to the distillery (which was around 30 minutes away).


Liz’s Birthday 2023, Day 4: Hiking Rose River Falls and Dark Hollow Falls in Shenandoah, Dinner at Watch and Warrant, and an Unexpected Illness

The Dark Hollow Falls. Though there were a few other folks here also enjoying the view… Liz nad I were able to scramble up some rocks, and found ourselves a nice little nook alongside the waterfall.

We were close enough to enjoy things directly, but also enough out of the way that we didn’t feel like we were blocking others from photos, or from enjoying the view of the falls. It was as ideal spot.


Backyard Prep

Liz was doing some backyard prep work. The weather has been warmer than usual, earlier than usual… and she felt that putting some mulch down in back seemed appropriate. But incredibly early, compared to prior years.