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Garden Arbor Construction, Part 5

Despite it being a Friday, Liz and I opted to suit up after work to put in a bit more time getting the arbor in order. We wanted to get some concrete in for the posts (and to also figure out how much more concrete we needed to purchase, in the event we needed more).


Garden Arbor Construction, Part 2

Liz, clearing out some roots and rocks. We learned that whenever the augur would bind and jerk, that was our cue to stop it and remove whatever obstruction was down there with a post hole digger.

This was a lesson I didn’t quite learn when I was going solo – I’d hit a snag, and just keep trying to power through. When what I should have done was stop and clear.


The Arbor Prototype

We had a lot of backwards math to do: start with the overall height, then reduce it down to where we wanted it to be. Then figure out the height of the posts themselves. And then also factor in how far the posts should go into the ground.


Relocating the Garden Box

Liz has a vision for restructuring our backyard. To even begin laying out that plan, one of our garden boxes needed to be relocated.

This isn’t a final move, but more of a “get it out of the way for now” move.


Liz’s Second Birthday at Home

We’re both nearing the two weeks after our second shot, but we’ve been sequestered for so long… going out to eat anywhere still feels distant. I think it will take us a considerable amount of time before we feel comfortable doing something like that again.


Backyard Planning

There’s work to be done this year, and also things to be done that will take a few years to realize. But it’s been very interesting to hear her talk about the changes, and to watch her go about planning this whole new space.


Sunday Yard Day

Today, Liz and I were both outside working: me in the backyard, her in the front. She was clearing a lot of the front yard and parkway, while I was working on digging out the dandelions, and mowing the yard.


A Trip to Abt Electronics, Discovering Patel Brothers

The first hour or so was fine. But it’s been a while since I’ve been around people. As the crowds started to grow, I began to get more and more uncomfortable – particularly around the refrigerator and stove areas on the first floor.

In my head, I called it “the infection zone.”


Easter Surprises

As Liz was running towards the squirrel and clapping her hands, she also noticed that a nearby egg was on the ground, open and emptied. We were, it turns out, a little late to the party (which had gotten started without us).


Window Work

Lately, Liz and I have gone in different directions on house-related work. I’ve been doing more planning and documentation, and she’s started to suit up again after hours, heading in to the basement.


Planning for Motion

With the weather growing warmer, and the chance of us getting our vaccination shot increasing with each passing day… Liz and I have talked about going outside more. Moving around a bit more.


Birthday Dinner at Home

Hard to believe it’s been a year. This is a birthday thought, and also a pandemic thought. A lot has changed since then, but we remain lucky to remain employed, to be able to continue our jobs remotely, and to be comfortable in a time when so many others are struggling.

We may not be in a fancy restaurant (yet). But this is our private table, the ambience is good, the food fantastic, and the company stellar. Everything, all of it, is a gift.