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Early Birthday Celebration: Afternoon Arcade Games, Dinner at Daisies

I work half days on Fridays (a perk at Grubhub, where we all technically end the work week at 1PM on Fridays). Today, Liz took a half day to meet me downtown, and had an early birthday celebration for me planned.

I didn’t know what to expect, but hung out in the car as we drove our way to Logan Square. And parked on Milwaukee, alongside the two destinations (which were pretty close to one another).


Halloween 2023: Work Continues

So. I spent a lot of the day in the basement, working with these supplies. And it seems like all I did was make a few prototypes of Halloween anuses. Because let’s be honest, this is what they look like.


Liz’s Birthday, 2022

For Liz’s birthday this year, we headed back to a favorite spot: Giant, in Logan Square.

It’s been nearly 5 years since we were there. And the last two birthdays for Liz have been at-home celebrations, due to Covid. So we were looking forward to being out in the world again, albeit a little nervous and hesitant about it all.


A Day Outside

It’s been a while since Liz and I did this, any of this, and it was great. No real deadlines, no rush, just ambling around.

Liz and I spend too much of our time at home, sitting at a desk, working. And to carve out a full day where we did the exact opposite of that… felt really good. And in many ways, felt like a reminder of a normal day.


Dreaming of Spring

While standing around, I spotted this note on the wall. For a moment, it felt nice imagining what it might be like standing here in the Spring. With no snow. And no cold.

Probably still masks though. Maybe that’s a dream for next year.


Revisiting Logan Square

At times, I found myself getting bored and being done with being around people. At other times, I remembered why everyone had on a mask and got even more uncomfortable being around people. Even after all this isolation, I don’t find myself craving crowds; it’s the same feeling: get away, get home.