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Dreaming of Spring

While standing around, I spotted this note on the wall. For a moment, it felt nice imagining what it might be like standing here in the Spring. With no snow. And no cold.

Probably still masks though. Maybe that’s a dream for next year.


Revisiting Logan Square

At times, I found myself getting bored and being done with being around people. At other times, I remembered why everyone had on a mask and got even more uncomfortable being around people. Even after all this isolation, I don’t find myself craving crowds; it’s the same feeling: get away, get home.


Liz Birthday Day: Architectural Artifacts, Edgewater Antique Mall, Broadway Antique Market, Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

Today is Liz’s birthday, and I had a full day of excursions scheduled. First off, we hit up The Bongo Room for breakfast. Since we’re now in Hyde Park, we opted for the Roosevelt location instead of Wicker Park (general note: it still fills up super fast). After eating a delicious breakfast and going over some options on where to visit for the day… we headed out to our first stop: Architectural Artifacts.


Everyblock is Back!

For those not familiar with Everyblock, the site lets you follow a certain block, neighborhood, or ward. By customizing the different areas you want to focus on and watch, the site then fills your timeline with all sorts of information: crime reports, local events, business reviews.


CTA Blue Line Trains Without Power at Logan Square

This morning, on our way to work, Liz and I ran into a delay on the Blue Line. Normally, these aren’t any big deal (delays happen all the time, and the lines usually pick up fairly quickly). But today was different. In addition to the platform being packed, both the North and South-bound trains were sitting at the Logan Square stop… and both trains looked to be completely devoid of power.