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Losing My Sense of Smell

I’ve been pulling items off the pantry shelf, whenever I go into the kitchen. And smelling things like coffee beans, trying to sense if I can pick up any aroma at all. Sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes I think I catch a whiff of something. But it’s hard to tell if it’s an actual smell I’m able to detect, or if it’s the memory of a smell.


Did You See That?

Dr. Yang: Oh! I think I just saw the lights flicker!
Me: Oh, ok. Well, that’s good.
Dr. Yang: It just happened again. Did you see that?


I Think the Muscles in My Lower Back Have Atrophied

My back got worse and worse, to the point where when I stood up… I’d need to do so slowly, and walk down to the second floor with my body curled like a comma. My back muscles were tender to the touch. I’m amazed that just a small bout of working bent over, resulted in all of this.


Checking Out the Eyes

He told me that my eyes were not damaged at all, which was a good thing. As high blood sugar can cause damages to the eyes and blood vessels. And that Diabetes is the third leading cause of blindness. Another sobering fact to take in.


A Year of Unhealthy Living Catches Up to Me

I started noticing I had some blurry vision a few days ago. And last night, I had a late snack and was then reading in bed. After about 20 minutes or so, as I was reading, I noticed the text began to get blurry.

It was then that I drew the connection between me eating/digesting food and my blurry vision. A few quick Google searches gave me results that were not promising, and seemed to suggest Diabetes.



I had an odd thing today happen, right before I went out to run errands. I was sitting at my computer, and the text on the screen just wasn’t getting into focus.


Tetanus Shot

An interesting note: there seemed to be more concern about what type of sole my shoe had, when I got my injury. Apparently, if you have rubber soles, rubber carries a lot more bacteria… and increases the chance that bad things get introduced into your system. Who knew?


Waking Up at 4:00 AM for a Colonoscopy

Honestly, in addition to the process itself… the administration of this drug was also fairly unsettling to me. I heard stories of people emerging from this having said or blurted out all manner of crazy things.

Part of me wondered: what would I say? Horrible things about what I thought of others? Would I blurt out statements that would reveal me for the horrible person I am, deep down? Would something happen where I would lose all of my memories, and not just the ones during the procedure.


Colonoscopy Prep

The day before my procedure, I was working from home. I dropped Liz off at the train station, picked up a coffee… and what I walked by the bathroom upstairs, I spotted this little gift that Liz had left for me.

My wife, ladies and gentelmen. God bless her.


First Visit to the Chiropractor

She did an assessment, and did some adjustments – which were very surprising to me. I was somewhat ready for the man-handling, but was caught by surprise several times at some of the moves. The neck cracking thing wasn’t too bad – but there was one adjustment that happened with me on my side that had me say “Oh!” out loud.