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Warming the House with a Large Blanket

The curtain comes courtesy of Meg, and Liz put it up in an effort to help retain some of the heat on our first floor. A lot of the heat coming up just rushes up the stairs into the second floor, and this curtain actually helps keep things a little warmer downstairs.


Meg’s Holiday Party

In meeting new folks, I got to chat with some really fun people. I met Mena, who used to be part of a bar trivia team with Meg. I told her about Mystery League and learned she was really into crime and detective shows. She brought up Serial, which I’ve been listening to (and I was playing Episode 1 for Liz, on our way over).


Photos From the Hot Chocolate 5K, Chicago

We got up pretty early this morning, making our way downtown at around 6:00 AM. Liz was going to meet her friend Meg at Buckingham Fountain around 6:40 AM. Though we made it downtown in decent time, we got stuck a bit, trying to get into the underground garages on Michigan. When it got closer to 6:30 AM, Liz hopped out of the car and went off to meet her running partner.