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MetroMile Installation: 2007 Honda Civic

Each trip has its own, separate “record” and shows overall time spent traveling, MPG for the trip, along with start and stop times. On my first journey from Frankfort back to Chicago, I stopped for gas about 3 minute after I departed. The records log the whole event as one trip, so I’m guessing there’s some kind of algorithm in place that determines whether someone is stopping for gas/restroom break, or whether someone has arrived at their destination.


MetroMile: The Metronome Device Arrives

In addition to the insurance angle, there’s also a device (called the Metronome) that you can plug into your car’s diagnostic port, and that hooks in to an iPhone app. With the Metronome, you can get information on your engine’s health, and find out things like gas mileage, etc. There are also city-specific features (if you live in Chicago, you can get alerts regarding street sweeping, reminding you to move your car), as well as new features in the works.