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The Cabin in the Woods

I was really taken with “The Cabin in the Woods” the first time I saw it. I’m a fan of Joss Whedon’s writing, and though I’m not much into horror movies… this one was really fun.


The Making of Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”

But the article isn’t all trivia-focused. Seal winds up tracing the history of how the film came to be – descrbing the roles of various actors, movie studios, and producers along the way. One of the more pleasurable elements of reading about the film’s history is in imagining a different cast – hearing about other actors who could have potentially played one of the major characters (sidenote: I’d love to see a movie featuring Matt Dillon with Tarantino’s dialogue).


The Paper Chase – Contracts

Appropriate that I post this, as I’ve been spending most of the day working on putting together and playing around with fake contracts.

I love this movie, in kind of the same way I love Dead Poets Society – a classic movie about school and studying. So dated, and so terrific.


My Wife and I, We Make a Good Match

I’ve got a Netflix account in my name, but Liz and I share it. Though we do the bulk of our viewing now using Netflix Streaming, we still have a 2-disc subscription.

Liz and I each have our own queue, where we list up the movies we want to see. It’s divided evenly – she gets one DVD, I get the other.