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Lifehouse: Hanging By A Moment

At some point about a week ago, this song entered my head. For I’d say about a week now, this song has not left my head.

I have no clear explanation. It just showed up, without any rent, and decided to squat. Despite recognizing the song/tune, I actually had to look up the band’s name.


Aoife O’Donovan: The King of All Birds

“Anyone that I might want in this world
They’re asleep in the arms of another girl
Who will they be when the lights come up?
Everyone that I ever loved in my life
Now calls somebody else their wife
Who am I to you?”


Watchhouse: Rounder

“They’re gonna hang me boys from a tall, tall tree
Those demons, they’ll be the death of me
Some folks are guided by some light of the Lord
But me I was blinded and I’ll never afford my salvation”


Biko’s Manna: How Deep Is Your Love

I long for the Internet I knew back in the early 2000’s, and this video absolutely reminds me of that era. Talent, sincerity, and whismy, all combined into a shared slice of media that makes the world feel a little less distant.


Matisyahu: Crossroads

“I’m sky scraping
They stay chasing
I’m like a raisin in the sun
I’m running from death’s invasion
They’re done, I’m going gray
I’m still young having mystic visions
Of the one, I hear the hum, the melody comes”