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Remembering the Guitar Solos of Vito Bratta, from White Lion

But here’s the weird thing for me. Normally, I’ll fixate on a song and just listen to it over and over again. But lately? For the last few weeks? I’ve fixated on guitarist Vito Bratta’s guitar solos from these songs.

It’s not that I listen to only the solos. I’ve still been looping the songs. But the solos are what echo in my ears, at random hours, even when I don’t have my headphones in. I’ll be doing the dishes, and suddenly one of his solos just starts playing in my head.


Vampire Weekend: Big Blue

The lyrics are… fine. And the song itself is quite short (hence me wanting to introduce a few other songs). But the choice to fixate on this particular song seems more pathological than some of my other choices. Maybe it’s the length, and just how quick it is (under two minutes).


Joe Pug: A Thousand Men

I was at a loss for something to post today, and went looking through my “unpublished” blog posts. Surprisingly, I have about 16 posts that I never quite got around to writing up… and this was one of them.


Alice in Chains: I Stay Away

I got into them when I was very young, high school I want to say. I remember putting my cassette of Facelift in my car, as I drove around Indianapolis. But Jar of Flies has a much more subdued feel to me. I can’t recall if this was made during the acoustic craze of the early 90’s, or just something the group did. But for whatever reason, I always think of Fall when I hear these songs.