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The fascinating thing for me is how many different languages are at play, in any given episode. There’s a mixture of English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese – and some characters have difficulty understanding others.

In a lot of mystery/thriller movies, you oftentimes get visual cues that help develop the story. I feel like language is being used in this series in a similar way – you have to almost watch and listen with a lot of attention, to pick up on some very subtle things at play.


Ozark: Final Season

I started watching Ozark back in 2021, getting hooked after the second episode. In fact, I know the exact moment where I got hooked: it’s a scene in the second episode, where the kids are asking their mom why the family has completely and unexpectedly uprooted their lives from Chicago, moving to the Ozarks.


Making Fun Trailer

The combination of a child’s art-direction with an adult’s implementation has always struck me as a thing of magic and entertainment. Seeing Netflix’s take on this makes me excited for the whole series.



The quick version: people begin receiving visions (called “decrees”), where they are notified of the exact date and time of their death. Specifically, the date and time of their death, as they will be taken to hell.

When the time arrives, three beings appear and take/kill the individual, leaving behind a burned corpse (called a “demonstration”).


Squid Game

I didn’t think it’d happen to me, but I got sucked into Squid Game. I wasn’t a fan of all the violence/gore, but eventually found the entire premise and unfolding story too compelling.



While other shows might milk a particular aspect or situation, I’m finding that Ozark tends to address the elephant in the room head-on… leaving the viewer to wonder “Well if they dealt with THAT thing, what’s happening next?”



Claes Bang does a really amazing job of playing Dracula, and his back and forth with Dolly Wells is really the draw. Wells’ performance, and her antagonistic, scientific fascination with Dracula is a really great take. Did I mention there’s a showdown at a nunnery in the first episode?


The Umbrella Academy

Also, the soundtrack is pretty fun. There’s a tinge of 80’s nostalgia everywhere, which gives the series a very odd feel. Part Sci-Fi, part magic realism, part nostaliga. I feel like they spent a small fortune on the rights to use all these songs.


A Lazy West Wing Marathon Day

It’s a comfortable show to go back to, and in so many ways… though it’s about politics, to me it’s a fantastic comedy as much as it is a drama. The dialogue is so fun and great, it’s easy to overlook how old the series is (every so often, I’ll catch a glimpse of the computers or flip-phones and wince).


It’s Come to This

With the new house, it’s kind of weird to find myself getting excited by things that should provide no excitement for me. Watching “Ask This Old House” used to be something I’d do while lying on the couch on a Saturday, too hung over to change the channel. Now, we can’t wait to watch new episodes.


My Wife and I, We Make a Good Match

I’ve got a Netflix account in my name, but Liz and I share it. Though we do the bulk of our viewing now using Netflix Streaming, we still have a 2-disc subscription.

Liz and I each have our own queue, where we list up the movies we want to see. It’s divided evenly – she gets one DVD, I get the other.


Lilyhammer: A New York Gangster in Norway

Frank’s one demand is a strange one: he wants to be relocated to Norway. When asked why he chose Norway, he responds: “Didn’t you see the Olympics of ’94? Clean air, fresh white snow, gorgeous broads… it was beautiful.”

Frank gets his wish, and is transported to Lillehammer, Norway. The show gets its name from Frank’s mis-pronunciation: he calls the town Lilyhammer. As you can imagine, his new life doesn’t go as planned.