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White Rabbit Creamy Candy

What I remembered of the packaging: it had a white rabbit for a design/logo. And it tasted really good. But there was outer, paper-y wax-y kind of coating that you had to suffer through, before you got to the good stuff.


Lode Runner

It’s such a strange thing, to feel this kind of nostalgia for a game. Seeing these maps is like driving down an old street from your home town. Familiar from your memories, but different now in light of the current day.


Viral Nostalgia

So I found this to be a fascinating moment: I knew the song through a meme, and not on its own merits. And in fact had no association at all with the original artist, as the song to me just evokes a slowly moving car down a street in suburban Portland.


Oh Cap’n! My Cap’n!

Anymore, I can’t differentiate between the name of new sodas and the name of popular bands. Seeing this made me wonder how much certain foods/brands that I loved as a child may have changed, without my knowing, over the years.


Remembering Gould

It’s pretentious at times. But I still have a fond memory of it. I don’t know whether this qualifies as an art film or not, but it’s definitely not your typical film.

The thing that I remember most fondly is that there were a few moments – a few select segments/scenes… that caught me off guard, and made me rethink how I listened to the world. One of those moments from the film was called “Truck Stop”: