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Lode Runner

It’s such a strange thing, to feel this kind of nostalgia for a game. Seeing these maps is like driving down an old street from your home town. Familiar from your memories, but different now in light of the current day.


Viral Nostalgia

So I found this to be a fascinating moment: I knew the song through a meme, and not on its own merits. And in fact had no association at all with the original artist, as the song to me just evokes a slowly moving car down a street in suburban Portland.


Oh Cap’n! My Cap’n!

Anymore, I can’t differentiate between the name of new sodas and the name of popular bands. Seeing this made me wonder how much certain foods/brands that I loved as a child may have changed, without my knowing, over the years.


Remembering Gould

It’s pretentious at times. But I still have a fond memory of it. I don’t know whether this qualifies as an art film or not, but it’s definitely not your typical film.

The thing that I remember most fondly is that there were a few moments – a few select segments/scenes… that caught me off guard, and made me rethink how I listened to the world. One of those moments from the film was called “Truck Stop”:


Alone in the Wilderness

It’s odd to think of Proenneke now, more than a year into the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have remained inside our homes, not able to go outside or be around people. And contrasting that with being wholly in the wilds of Alaska, more or less outside all the time – able to go absolutely anywhere at all, but there being no one else around.



“Hedda Sharapan, one of the staff members at Fred Rogers’s production company, Family Communications, Inc., recalls Rogers once halted taping of a show when a cast member told the puppet Henrietta Pussycat not to cry; he interrupted shooting to make it clear that his show would never suggest to children that they not cry.”