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Revisiting Firefly, Anew

What’s odd to me is that, in many ways, the ultra high resolution makes things like more fake. Does that make sense?

There’s a certain subdued, flattened/matte look that I associate with movies and television shows, with the crispness something I’ve only notied for when things are broadcast live.


Suddenly, Lloyd

While surfing Facebook, I happened across this post by Anne – and did a doubletake. It was her talking about how much she enjoyed a recent play she had just attended, a production of The Chinese Lady, by Lloyd Suh, at Tipping Point Theatre.

When I saw this – a question entered my brain of “Wait, Lloyd?” And after a split second, I had a follow-up thought of “Of course, it’s Lloyd.”


Borg Remastered

Here’s a new term I came across: FMV (Full-Motion Video). It’s a kind of video game comprised entirely of pre-recorded videos.

If it sounds a bit dated, well… that’s where you’re right. But note that we’re talking about Star Trek here. And we’re talking about a chance to play this game, for free, online.


Catching Up with Missy

It was a lovely chance to catch up with an old friend. And I had the opportunity to remember a lot about Missy, as well as a lot about myself, in the process. We are both, I think, on the verge of turning 50. It was a nice opportunity to meet our older selves. And in a way, a nice opportunity to remember our younger selves.



Interestingly, as much as I was into poetry, I never got that much into Bukowski’s poems – I gravitated more to his fiction. And also read a lot of John Fante, as a result.


Revisiting the West Wing

I’ve been a fan of the West Wing for a long, long while. I recently restarted watching the series, figuring I’d just do the first or second episode. And then I just got sucked in, and became comfortable with the fact that I’d be re-watching every episode, from Season 1 to Season 7 start to finish.


Where is Everybody? Probably Hill Valley

Over lunch this week, I pulled up the first episode, “Where is Everybody?” It’s a classic, and though it’s some 64 years old now… I’m still going to try to avoid any spoilers.

All you really need to know is that the main character, Mike Ferris, finds himself in a town that is uninhabited. Despite his explorations, as well as numerous signs of life (a lit cigar, a pot of coffee boiling on a stove)… he’s unable to come across another human being.