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Adding in the insulation to the lower half. Mostly an easy process, but one thing to note about the soundproof insulation: it doesn’t separate/split well. This was a bit of a challenge, when trying to install it around conduit and outlets.

If you futz too much with it, the insulation tends to crumble like week-old cake.


The Office Shuffle

The space on the other side of our bedroom. We got some loose insulation placed back in the floor, and got another plywood board down. Our goal is to clear this area so we can work on putting up my drywall on the other side of the bedroom wall.


Electrical Cleanup

I shoud say: I’m less certain when it comes to electrical, and have the most hesitation towards any electrical work. I need to study up more. For most things, I feel like if you make a mistake… there are ways to workaround and patch. With electrical, it feels like you get… one mistake.


Partial Office Floor Demo

A few more tools in the mix. I now have a standard kit for pulling up floorboards. The sawzall keeps the pieces a certain length. The crowbar is for popping up each piece. The hammer is to pull out the nails. And the Channellocks are for when the nail heads pop off, and I need to try to pry the nail out manually.


More Drywall

At the close of the day, I realized I had more work to do – and continued cleaning out the closet area (and filling in the gaps in the wall with foam). Though to my credit, I did decide to use gloves this time. He can be taught!


The Basement Office Shuffle

Upstairs, I ended up covering some of the items in the office with tarp. This was a lazier solution, and didn’t involve me having to move anything out. Which was great, because I wasn’t really looking forward to walking all this stuff back downstairs.


Keeping the Cold at Bay

Today, Liz and I went into the office to try to keep the cold at bay. Our original plan was to put insulation in the walls, but given how cold the room was… we decided to tackle specific areas where we felt leaks/drafts coming in (despite our best efforts).


Making Space, Closing Space

We both have some vacation time coming up, towards the end of the month. And thanks to Liz’s planning, we have a good amount of work scheduled on the house. Here’s to a solid November, and to the start of what we hope will be a solid December.


Cleaning the Office Walls

Spent a lot of the day just cleaning up the office area. I worked a ton, but it feels like there’s little to show for it. First, I hauled about 14 bags of demo/debris down to the porch. Then, I shop vacced the walls for a few hours, trying to clear away any remaining plaster, lath, and dirty insulation. Looking over some of the older photos from earlier this week, I’m wondering “Did I even do anything today?”