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Faded Lion

Spotted along 53rd. I like the backdrop of the arches. And how all that remains, all the eye focuses on is the mouth. And how you can almost hear the roar, even as the rest of the creature is fading away.


Metra/Ventra Woes

Other riders in my train were experiencing the same thing. And it slowly dawned on everyone that our ability to “pay” for our tickets was compromised. We heard an announcement talking about the app issues, and everyone basically got to ride the train for free.

What struck me was that this was like a mini-Y2K event for Metra/Ventra. The February 1 timeline resulted in a significant before/after shift, and perhaps they could have done a bit more QA before the big day.


Two Ladders

It’s an odd thing, but I feel like I lost a skill. Not that my photos were ever that skillful. I’m talking about a way of looking at the world. I’m out of practice.

I felt this way about writing poetry, in particular. I did it a lot when I was younger, in grad school, and during my early years in Chicago. But as I slowly replaced writing poetry with writing code, I feel like I lost a certain point of view. I feel like I lost a way of looking at the world.


Foggy Morning

A pretty serious fog took over Chicago today, particularly close to the lake. Worth noting: this fog would stick around for the next two days, making any walk outside a bit eerie, and a bit more shrouded in mystery.


Do Not Use

While waiting to disembark at Millennium Station… I was looking down, and noticed this outlet.

Or should I say: this forbidden outlet. Which is off limits to us “norms,” but apparently is only good for the conductors.



Now that I’m actually commuting in to work a few times each week, I’ve been on the lookout more for stickers, graffiti – the small things that I really didn’t get to see, when we were working remotely all the time.


Getting a Head

A fun thing about being downtown in the “early” morning (this was circa 8:30 AM)… you get to see all manner of folks setting up for the day.


Early Espresso

From time to time, I have this pattern: wake up early, run some errands at the nearby Walgreen’s, stop for an espresso at the French bakery.

This all happens fairly early, circa 7-7:30 AM. But it’s a nice start to my morning, in that I’ll sit and sip on this espresso for a little while, before heading home.


Monsters Everywhere

Hats off to you, Ramani Asait. I hope some day in the future, when you Google your name, you stumble across this small tribute to you monster. Well done, sir.


Waiting at the Edge of the Millennium (Station)

On the way in to work yesterday, I happened to be sitting in the frontmost car. We were stopped for a long while, just as we were entering Millennium Station. In fact, we were stopped so long… I decided to amble over to the front window, just to take a peek at the station.