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Karawan is a game where you lead a small (growing?) caravan of survivors, in search of a portal. All this is done, while the world disintegrates around you.


A Very Long Baguette

It’s designed for play by two people, but I had a fun time trying to control both people myself. Definitely frustrating, but after a few screens… I found myself determined to see things all the way through to the end.



I lost… a lot of time to this game. How much time, you ask? Well, both times over the weekend when my vision got blurry, I had also been playing this game a lot. To the point where I wondered if my staring at my phone for so long could have caused the blurriness.


Cookie Clicker, 2.0

I recently played an incremental/clicker game on my iPhone. And while it was ok… I was able to break it within less than a day. While it worked at a very fundamental level, I got the itch to come back to a game that could truly handle astronomical numbers.


A Dark Room: Deceptively Simple, Remarkably Deep Text Game

The game begins with a very basic set of commands. You light a fire, and gradually gather wood so that you can keep the fire lit. A strange woman appears, and she collapses in the corner. As the game continues, you begin to gather more resources and, with the help of the mysterious woman, begin to build additional things.