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The Fence Situation

I walked out into the backyard after work today, figuring on doing a bit of yardwork. I looked up, and my heart sank… as I realized I needed to do some serious repair work, and fast.

What I saw (and failed to get a good photo of): my fence had more or less split in the middle, with one panel coming detached from one of the posts. And two large sections of the fence were swaying back and forth.


A Clear View

Came home after running errands to find that Liz had started to peel off the plastic panels that were on both sides of our new windows.

She and been working on the interior side, and I started on the exterior. She warned me that the act of removing the plastic caused a decent amount of static build-up (and she got a particularly nasty shock).


Surprisingly Tired

Contractors work earlier hours, usually 8AM – 3PM. So by the time our work day ends, things have settled and the house (full during the day) has quieted down. And it goes back to just the two of us.

While we’re not doing the actual work, it still feels busy. Even when we’re not physically doing the work, it’s surprising how tired we feel at the end of it all.


Trim Inventory

Honestly, this took a lot longer than we anticipated. We’ve actually been doing this for a few nights, and it’s been a slow slog, with us putting in a few hours each night.


Trim Delivery

Big day for us – we have a scheduled delivery of our interior trim. It’s not everything we need for the house – but it’s all for the first floor.


Evening Demo

Suited up after work, to do a bit of office demo. Not really something I wanted to do, but my hope is to make more progress in this room (which will make way for, and make it easier for, electrical work to happen).

Only got about an hour in, but was surprised at how much I could do in that time.


Office Floor Demo Begins

At one point, Liz stopped in and said “I want you to keep a positive attitude.” At first, I thought she just wanted to keep my spirits up. But what she meant was that: we’d taken up almost all of the floors in the house, at this point. And this last section was probably the last “unknown” part of the house that was left.

She said “If we have a chance of finding some hidden treasure worth a million dollars… it’s going to be here.” Wishful thinking, but it’s true – this is our last chance.


A Day of Errands, First Floor Floor Revealed

When we got back, both of us were pretty tired. But one of our goals for the day was to clear out the front living room – and to get the floor exposed.

We’re expecting to get a big shipment of trim delivered soon, and Liz is going to be doing a larger batch of shellac – and finalizing the colors/process. To do this, she needs more of the floor open/visible, so that she can see how things look in the daylight.



Spent the afternoon building out two more sets of horses. I think these guys are slightly better than my first attempt. I got a bit more comfortable, and was doing a lot of the production work in waves/sets.