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Last Plywood and Visqueen in the Back Basement

The whole Visqueen process was way, way easier than I thought it would be. Though it took a while for us to get the plywood installed officially, the Visqueen part went by super quick.

I’m now much less daunted about applying Visqueen and dry wall across the entire basement. I think with a full day, Liz and I could likely power through the rest of the basement.


The Big Storage Unit Move

Today was our big move, getting lots of our boxed items transferred from our second floor over to a storage unit. Our goal is clear out our second floor as much as we possibly can, so that we can start to do more significant work on the floor and walls in the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and (eventually) our front office.


The Night Before the Storage Unit Move

Tomorrow morning, we have a crew of movers coming over to relocate all our boxes into a storage unit.

It’s part of our larger plan for the second floor, to literally clear out as much as we can… so we can start to do some serious work up here: ripping out the old floor, putting down insulation and conduit, adding new plywood, and also getting some walls set up.


Basement Supply Run

Given how sick I’ve been, these last few days – I haven’t had time to go back and finish up the plywood in the back basement. As soon as that’s done, we’ll have drywall to work with – and can hopefully finish up that back area.


An Empty Room of One’s Own

One thing we found from the prior tenant: a shotgun shell. I ended up giving this to the storage people to dispose of, as I felt weird just tossing it in a trashcan by the sidewalk.


A Day in the Basement

If you look at the measurements in the first photo, the top right corner shows 10/16″. But what it actually was was 1 10/16″. And that threw off my subsequent measurements. Ugh!


Basement Painting is Dangerous Work

Though we were both a little tired from the work day (and were feeling 50/50 about hour “house night”), Liz and I sucked it up and suited up. We both were at work in the basement, with her painting and me clearing out the back area again.


Painting the Basement Joists

Liz and I have returned to a more focused, consistent schedule on the house. With the events of the last few months settling down, we’re renewing our time and effort back to having a routine where we work on the house at set times during the week.


Inside Outside House Day

The day shot by really fast. House days tend to do that. Even though we try to aim to finish by 3PM, we always go over – propelled by the momentum of the day. It’s a good and bad thing, as we put in a solid day… but spent most of the day working.