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Custom Cuts

Bob always has a few tricks up his sleeve, but I found this particular install impressive. He’s helping put in the exterior siding to the area under the kitchen (where we will eventually store a lot of outdoor supplies, and our garbage bins).


Relocating the Bricks

We’ve been using the space under the kitchen as a very makeshift storage area, and a lot of “stuff” as just wound up underneath there. Today, I cleared most of it out in anticipation of some additional work happening soon (putting up some siding, and adding doors).


Covering the Landing

Putting plywood up means we won’t have as much air going into the basement. And also allows for certain four-legged friends to be near the space, without fear that they might tumble down into the basement.

Not a very sexy project. But a small step towards making the first floor a little more normal.


Deck Board Install

With the hinged cellar door installed, it’s time to put decking down. This was my first attempt, and I was trying to ensure that I didn’t end a board right where the seam would be for the hinged door.


Hinged Cellar Door: Install

Ready for the install. The two supports from yesterday are near the front, where the hinged door/floor will rest. We also put two small plywood spacers along the side, to ensure there’s a small gap between the door and the existing deck.


House Day

A work day today that mostly comprised of a lot of “smalls.” No big, singular tasks that take the entire day – a combination of small little things, here and there.


AC Install, Back Garden Work

The AC unit, in place! It was a little tricky getting this thing up high enough… but we eventually got there. Bob and I had to put it in place, make some marks, and then take it back down. After he drilled in holes for the base/feet… we had to put this thing back up again.

We’ve got another unit going in, but it won’t be quite as tight a fit as this was.


Supply Run

Today was a big supply run. We were out in the suburbs, running several errands over several locations. It was… a lot.



One thing that we’ve yet to fully address/fix is the fact that our cement floor doesn’t quite lead water to the french well. When water collects down here, it routes directly towards the basement door… and we’ve gotten more water/flooding ever since we set this area up.