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Garden Arbor Construction, Part 2

Liz, clearing out some roots and rocks. We learned that whenever the augur would bind and jerk, that was our cue to stop it and remove whatever obstruction was down there with a post hole digger.

This was a lesson I didn’t quite learn when I was going solo – I’d hit a snag, and just keep trying to power through. When what I should have done was stop and clear.


The Arbor Prototype

We had a lot of backwards math to do: start with the overall height, then reduce it down to where we wanted it to be. Then figure out the height of the posts themselves. And then also factor in how far the posts should go into the ground.


Relocating the Garden Box

Liz has a vision for restructuring our backyard. To even begin laying out that plan, one of our garden boxes needed to be relocated.

This isn’t a final move, but more of a “get it out of the way for now” move.


A Trip to Abt Electronics, Discovering Patel Brothers

The first hour or so was fine. But it’s been a while since I’ve been around people. As the crowds started to grow, I began to get more and more uncomfortable – particularly around the refrigerator and stove areas on the first floor.

In my head, I called it “the infection zone.”


Saturday Priming

Liz did a lot of cutting, while I did a bit of sanding in the closet area. I then switched over to priming the vestibule while she continued to cut all the corners/edges along the rest of the hall.


Window Work

Lately, Liz and I have gone in different directions on house-related work. I’ve been doing more planning and documentation, and she’s started to suit up again after hours, heading in to the basement.


Trim Planning, Continued

In addition to determining how many boards are needed for the trim in a given room, we’re also trying to carry this across multiple rooms. If we need 7′ 2″ in the living room, and 4′ 10″… then a 12′ board would actually work to handle that.


Trim Planning

Our current task: re-measuring all the first floor rooms, and determining how much lumber we need in terms of linear feet (converted to standard 10′, 12′, 14′, and 16′ boards).


Ladder and Ice Removal

I hauled up a hammer, and a small shovel, to get rid of the snow. I worked pretty slowly, afraid that my motions would end up tilting me or pulling me off the ladder. I’ve had a not great track history with keeping my balance on ladders, and so doing all this two stories up was… daunting.


Furnace Restart

I learned that the code was for the furnace not able to properly detect combustion. Which was odd, because I could see that the flame was catching. I learned that there was a lockout that occurred after three attempts, and that was what was going on with the furnace.


A Loud Sound at Midnight

Around midnight, Liz and I heard a pretty terrific crash from the back of the house. All over the weekend, with the temperatures rising, snow has begun melting and the crash of melting ice/snow from rooftops has echoed across the neighborhood.


Kitchen Plans

A bit of a placeholder. I don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, but we’re looking to revisit the kitchen more officially again.