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Evening Bunny

When I got near the front yard, I paused… and saw this guy also paused. Somewhat looking over his shoulder at me, warily.

I felt like I was blocking his access to the backyard, and tried to make a wide berth. He seemed like he was waiting for me to move away a little.


Parkway Damage

We’ve had issues in the past where workers have clipped some plants here and there. But nothing to date has been so egregious and so damaging. They were like a full 3 feet into the parkway, as they pulled into the driveway.


An Anxious Day Outside

I’m not sure when it happened, but I was overcome again with a feeling of dread and despair. I haven’t felt like this since the first 2-3 weeks of the Coronavirus, and much if my emotions kicked up again.


Post Work Planting

Looking at the week, there was a lot of rain in the forecast (at least, there was when we looked on Sunday night). The best day to get the remaining plants in the ground looked to be today, after work. So Liz and I got our grubby clothes on after work, and tried to get as much as we could with the last of the day’s light.


Racing the Rain

Liz and I had big plans for the day, and we got an early start. With rain in the forecast, we were trying to get as much done as we could, as early as we could.


Clearing the Parkway

With all the road work that happened last year, the city works put in a ton of sand and also hydroseeded all the parkways. We didn’t stop them in time and as a result, had a lot of grass beginning to grow everywhere.


Parkway Planning

Ever since the city did all the road work along our street last year, our parkway has suffered. We had a large chunk of it disturbed, dug up, and the city ended up spraying some kind of hydroseed thing to re-grass the areas.


Early Morning Roadwork

The sound of road work began pretty early this morning, circa 7AM. I know construction crews get an early start (typically arriving on a site by 6AM or earlier and ending around 3PM). But I guess this means we’re in for a lot of heavy thuds and beeping trucks for the next few weeks.


Mulberry Tree Removed

This morning, as I was getting ready for work – I looked out the window, and saw a big ciy vehicle idling in the street. As we were leaving for work, I saw three city workers standing in the street, gazing up at the tree.