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Goodbye, Phineas

I am incredibly saddened to share the news that we had to put Phineas to sleep tonight. We knew he was struggling, but were hoping to have a bit more time with him. There’s a lot more to write and share, but I don’t know how soon I’ll be updating this particular entry. I’ll have more, but not just yet….


Phineas Gets a Bath

We’ve taken to cleaning him here and there, by trying to wipe things down with a damp rag. But today, Liz and I decided we needed to bite the bullet and give him a more formal bath (technically, a butt soaking).


Critical Care

It’s a difficult thing to do, because we can tell he’s not feeling great. But he also looks so dang cute, when he’s being fed.

He’s not been doing great, though. And definitely needs the Critical Care.


First Flop in a Long While

When a bunny flops on its side (and exposes its belly), it’s a true sign that they are comfortable and relaxed. That they’re not worried about anything trying to eat them, and they’re just… feeling good.

With the last few weeks being a real struggle for Phineas, it’s great to see slivers of his old self.


A New Carpet for Daisy and Phineas

It’s a pretty nice rug. But in my mind, I’m just going to accept the fact that it’s going to get wrecked by the bunnies. And if we can happen to maintain it, and re-use it in a future room… great. But in my head, this thing is already a lost cause. And already belongs to the bunnies.


Weighing Phineas

One of our last visits to the vet showed that Phineas had lost a substantial amount of weight – a very concerning thing. On his latest visit, he’d gained a bit more… but is still a ways away from where he “normally” should be.

I’m happy to report that today’s weigh-in has him at the same level. So no loss of weight (a good thing), so he’s at least maintained his weight over the last week or so.


Pardon My Reach

Tonight, I happened across this moment where Daisy was lying next to Phineas… but then Phineas decided he needed more greens. So what did he do? Climbed right over Daisy, of course!


Phineas is Struggling

Liz took Phineas in for another checkup today, and we got some really sad news. Phineas is not doing well, and it seems like he’s not likely to recover back to full health.


Phineas on a Lot of Meds

Phineas has… not been doing well, lately. He’s had problems going to the bathroom, has been fighting all his medication, and most worrisome of all… he’s really lost his appetite. Which is a very concerning and dangerous sign.



Tonight, it seemed that Daisy got herself underneath Phineas. And then Phineas just decided to… take a nap?

Like, no grooming, no work. He just decided that it was time to sleep.



Was spending a little time sitting with Daisy and Phineas. After they got super cozy, I was able to set my phone on the ground to get this close-up photo.