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Reading Poems Again

On the plus side, being asked to participate in a reading definitely prompted me to write again. And some of the newer poems I’ve done lately, I’ve been really pleased with.

Last year, I finished a poem about Heavy Metal drummers that I’ve carried around, half-finished, for years. And for this latest reading, I wrote a poem about the Winchester Mansion that I’ve had bubbling around in my head, also for many years.


Whitman, Alabama

For two years, filmmaker Jennifer Crandall has crisscrossed this deep Southern state, inviting people to look into a camera and share a part of themselves through the words of Walt Whitman. The 19th century poet’s “Song of Myself” is a quintessential reflection of our American identities.


Poetry Penance

I ended up wandering the store for a bit, after the event ended and everyone shuffled out. I happened across a collection of Ted Kooser’s poems, and it felt like the proper thing to purchase, to wash away all the terribleness that had preceeded.


Felix Jung: Reading Poems at Tuesday Funk

It’s hard to pin down specific topics, as the poems are pretty varied and jump around in terms of subject matter. I talk a bit about astronomy, Axl Rose, God and religion, Mary Poppins, and how I imagine heavy metal drummers meet their ends. It’s all a rich tapestry.


Reading Poetry Tomorrow at Tuesday Funk

Being asked “Hey, will you read some of your poems?” is a bit like someone asking “Hey, can I see your travel photos?” There’s an initial few seconds of disbelief, and then you scream out “YES” before that person can change their mind. Totally excited about tomorrow – it’s gonna be great.