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Releasing 35 Poems Under a Creative Commons License

Honestly? This is a pretty scary thing for me to do. I’m incredibly fond of these poems, and there’s still a part of me that wants to be protective of them, that makes me want to guard them from other people. But the idea I’m moving towards is that these poems are not valuable because of their scarcity. De-coupling this notion from my brain is a difficult and frightening thing to do… but it feels like the right thing, the right way to go. Even if it freaks me out a little.


The World Moved

I’ve spent a lot of time with family, these past two weeks. I’ve done a fair amount of driving in that time – Chicago to Sawyer, Michigan and a few days later, Chicago to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’ve passed a lot of cars, and watched a lot of farms and houses pass by my windows.

A few days ago, the closing couplet from Roger Mitchell’s poem Four Hundredth Mile popped into my head. And as it does, each time I remember those lines… it took my breath away.


Remembering a Poem, And Harmony the Cat

I honestly can’t remember the last time I opened this book, but it must have been some long while ago. Seeing this small bit of her was like a kick in the chest, and took my breath away.

Is it weird that I took a photo of this to share? Perhaps it is, but I wanted to record this moment – to share how something trivial and small can bring the past right back to you, how a matter of years can come rushing back… suddenly, and unannounced.