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Should I come up with an entirely new topic, from scratch? Should I re-do the talk I already gave, and have it fit the newer time parameters? Do I want to dive into the time commitment of doing another speaking thing? And if so, to what end? Do I eventually want to get paid to do something like this, or is just a really entertaining (albeit tine-consuming) hobby?


Potluck! 14.0: Eight Speakers, Six Minutes Each

Group shot of the presenters. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the stage with these folks, and really enjoyed listening to everyone’s talk. I understand now why the event is curated, as everyone just did a fantastic job talking about their passions, their lives, and did so in really creative and entertaining ways. The space at Potluck! was also fantastic, but the crowd is really the main draw. Though I barely knew anyone, it felt like a room full of friends – and the crowd is there, encouraging the speakers every step of the way.


An Introvert’s Guide to Better Presentations

“The next step is to realize that those hundreds of pairs of eyes aren’t there to kill you, but to learn from you. They’re not lions and you’re not a zebra separated from the pack, they’re all monkeys and you’re the prettiest monkey and they desperately want you to tell them where the best bananas are located that will turn them into pretty monkeys as well.”