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Katie and Tim’s Wedding

Tim’s father, Ray, was the officiant who did the marriage all those years ago. He was also the one who officiated last year (when they officially tied the knot). And he was the officiant today, when Tim and Katie were married in front of all their family and friends.

Ray is in the unique position to have married Katie and Tim not once, not twice, but thrice. Which seems like a very special and lucky thing, if you ask me.


Christmas Dinner in Valparaiso

Today and tomorrow are a bit weird, in that I’m staying out in Valparaiso, IN but commuting in to Chicago. I rode in with Bob early in the AM (he came in to work on our place while I was at work), but took the South Shore line back out to Valpo at the end of the day.


Thanksgiving in Valparaiso

Liz and I left the city on Wednesday, and headed out to Valparaiso to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Julie and Bob. Today, we mostly just bummed around the house before the festivities (and Katie/Tim’s family came over).


Christmas Dinner in Frankfort

The day after Christmas, Katie and Dan’s family headed over to Frankfort to hang out (and to have a post-Christmas dinner). On arriving, we all ended up congregating and hanging out in the kitchen for a long while.


Early Xmas in Frankfort

After flying back in to Chicago from Atlanta, Liz and I decided we wanted to spend the night in Frankfort. Doing so allowed us to spend more time with Julie and Bob, and also had us at the house when Katie came over with the kids.


Christmas Eve and Ten Pounds of Dry Ice

The thing with dry ice is that, through a process known as sublimation, it shifts from a solid to a gas without an intermediate liquid stage.

If you’ve seen it done in science classes, you know the cool “fog effect” that happens when you mix dry ice and water. The present we got Cameron was basically this experiment, but with a slight twist. Luckily for us, Cameron had never experienced dry ice before… so it got to be a cool thing on multiple counts for him.


Frankfort Fall Festival, 2012

After a quick lunch, everyone parted ways. The girls went shopping, Dan and Cameron headed to the Midway for rides… and Bob and I headed over to the music store. There, I tried out a few acoustic guitars, and then we made our way over to Frankfort Bowl to escape the heat and to sink a beer.