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Christmas in Indy, Day 1: Painting Prep and Ransom Note

One prompt in particular stands out. It was: “Politely tell your kidnapper that you need to go to the bathroom.” I forget who gave this answer, but the phrase “juice break” came up. And for the rest of the night (and the rest of our visit), that became a kind of in-joke that we kept going.


Celebrating My Mom’s Birthday: St. Elmo’s

I wasn’t quite expecting the maze-like interior, but we got taken downstairs and to some far back room. Because there were eight of us, we got seated in a room off the main area… and though some other folks sat at the nearby tables, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.


Early Xmas in Indianapolis: Day 1

My sister didn’t remember it at first, but she recognized this photo. She kept saying “Who is that?” but couldn’t quite place where she recognized him from.

As I played the video, she started to remember bits and pieces. And it was hilarious, watching her remember all the various characters from this film.


We Stay Connected Through Our Terrible Drawings

The game works like this: everyone is giving a prompt to draw. It’s usually something really weird and unusualy like: drone dropping drum sticks or caveman sauna. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the drawing, no matter how skilled the person may be, is going to be just terrible.


Hanging with the Family in Indy

We couldn’t really come up with a good gift idea for my parents this year. With my dad getting some surgery on his eyes recently, his vision has drastically improved. So the idea of doing a VR thing came up – and we decided to turn it into a big, group outing.


Christmas Day in Indianapolis (2018)

I love the symmetry of this gift. A long while ago, the husband created this slide for his wife. And many years later, my wife created a print of that slide for me. I’d like to think that we are furthering a tradition here, and will continue to fill that little house with love.