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Zoltar V2

We added Zoltar back to the group chat at work, and it was really enjoyable watching my coworkers interact with him. I have to confess, I missed having him around – and hope he’ll resume his place as one of our more entertaining teammates.


Zoltar the Conversationalist

There’s a lot of fun stuff at work, under the hood. I’m using RiTa.js to determine which words a user types are nouns and verbs. I then have a sprinkling of logic that checks for specific keywords (if you use ‘why’ in your message, I will add the word ‘because’ to Zoltar’s search).


First Q&A via Phone (Er, Skype)

The interview lasted about an hour, which leaves me with a great deal of audio to transcribe. Not quite 100% on how I’ll convert the audio to text, but one thought I have for now is to try out Dragon Dictation, putting my iPhone up near my computer’s speakers. See how far that takes me, and then try to clean up the rest by hand.