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Paris in 3 Minutes: Hyperlapse Video

It is very immersive, and at times the video seemingly pulls you into a building only to them propel you away. Many parts are quite frenetic and fast-paced, which is actually the exact opposite of how I view Paris.


Hyperlapse: Timelapse App That Steadies Video, from Instagram

The effect is incredibly cool, but I suspect it’ll be a few short months before we’ll be inundated with commercials that utilize this effect. In fact, I was convinced that this effect would have gotten to us first via commercials… so I’m quite surprised to see this in the hands of consumers so quickly.


Time-Lapse Videos by Rob Whitworth: This is Shanghai

I’m amazed at some of the jumps that are made, and it feels like you’re moving in and out of the city – leaping between a macro micro views very quickly. The soundtrack is also paired really well, and really compliments what you’re seeing on the screen. Great, great stuff.