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Revisiting Firefly, Anew

What’s odd to me is that, in many ways, the ultra high resolution makes things like more fake. Does that make sense?

There’s a certain subdued, flattened/matte look that I associate with movies and television shows, with the crispness something I’ve only notied for when things are broadcast live.


Revisiting the West Wing

I’ve been a fan of the West Wing for a long, long while. I recently restarted watching the series, figuring I’d just do the first or second episode. And then I just got sucked in, and became comfortable with the fact that I’d be re-watching every episode, from Season 1 to Season 7 start to finish.


The Wire, Revisited

I started re-watching The Wire recently, and have mostly made my way through the first season. It started off while I was browsing for something to watch, and one episode turned into two and three, and we were off to the races. Again.


Nice House… For a Criminal

On Sunday, we had an unexpected knock on the door from a young guy who was a location scout for the TV show “Chicago PD.”

Apparently, they were in the area and looking for a house to do an exterior and interior shot. The director had not been happy with any of the location choices to date, and they were still looking (and hoping to get a location settled in the next few days).


The Definitive History of the West Wing

“It’s the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. Every now and then I’ll see an episode somewhere and I’m just intrigued by it. We actually did that and I was actually a part of it! I think it came at a time and it occupied a space that it might not have been possible to do before or since.”


Clicking Bad: Browser-Based Meth Manufacturing/Selling Game

Clicking Bad is a browser-based game that riffs off the popular TV show Breaking Bad. Your goals are pretty simple: create meth, sell meth, and try to make money. At first, there’s a great deal of clicking and manual work (get ready to rub your wrists, people). But with a few upgrades, you should be improving the rate at which you make and sell.