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Valparaiso, Revisited

Woke up pretty early, and got on the road around 6:00 AM. While there wasn’t any rain in the forecast, the whole day looked pretty overcast. And in the morning, there was a significant fog all the way as I was heading East through Indiana.


Tending the Lawn in Valparaiso

The riding mower has a large footprint, which definitely made things much easier. But even so, it took a long while to cover everything. And I’m hoping I didn’t leave any missed spots.

Bob tells me his lawn grows around an inch per day, and that he tries to cut around once every four days or so. And that things get a lot harder (and out of control) if he deviates too much off that schedule.


Easter in Valpo

Liz and I headed over to Valpo today, to hang out with Julie and Bob for Easter. We got there in the early afternoon, had a drink, and chatted and caught up on their back porch.


Temporary Arrangements

The bunnies are also set up in their own space, in the basement. While it’s a bit chilly down there, it most definitely would have been colder in their space at our house… so we’ve offset things a bit by adding a heater. And we also tried to help retain some of that heat by providing a drop cloth and some styrofoam insulation on each side.


A Cold Morning in Valparaiso

In Valparaiso, everything is quite still. The roads and driveways are clear, but there are vast stretches of ice that remain unblemished. The sun is out, the sky is a rich blue, and there just seems to be little movement anywhere.


Christmas Day in Indianapolis (2018)

I love the symmetry of this gift. A long while ago, the husband created this slide for his wife. And many years later, my wife created a print of that slide for me. I’d like to think that we are furthering a tradition here, and will continue to fill that little house with love.


Thanksgiving in Valparaiso

Liz and I left the city on Wednesday, and headed out to Valparaiso to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Julie and Bob. Today, we mostly just bummed around the house before the festivities (and Katie/Tim’s family came over).


Weekend in Valpo, Part 2

It’s funny because in Hyde Park, we once made the mistake of trying to board a South Shore train as it was entering the city. As a commuter rail, at that point in its route the train doesn’t take on passengers and simply lets people off. More than once, when someone tries to board a South Shore Train in Hyde Park, one of the conductors will yell out “This is not your train!” And the train waits until that person steps off, before proceeding.


Weekend in Valpo, Part 1

Liz and I got talking earlier in the week, and we came to a decision about the weekend. We’ve been working pretty nonstop on the house – and with Bob, it’s just been house house house all the time. Our only context has been working on the house, lately.

So we decided to call it an early Saturday, and asked to spend the night in Valparaiso. Our goal would be to just hang out a bit more socially, outside of the housework. And just do something that didn’t involve tools or demo of any kind.