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Valpo Visit

We learned the Ford kids were moving on a little earlier than expected. Our plans were to try to squeeze in another visit over the weekend, but instead… we realized we needed to hop over tonight, after work, to see them once more before they left.


I Got a Rock

I need to send them a photo of this rock, and let them know their artwork has traveled over to Hyde Park and Chicago. I wonder if any of their other rocks have gone further.


The RV

It’s exciting to see this RV become a reality. The two of them have been researching and planning for a long while, and there will be a lot of travels and trips in their future. I’m happy things have become more real, and they really do have the means now to just pick up and go. Liz and I are both thrilled they’re now actively planning excursions and trips they want to do. Well deserved, and a long time coming.


Katie and Tim’s Wedding

Tim’s father, Ray, was the officiant who did the marriage all those years ago. He was also the one who officiated last year (when they officially tied the knot). And he was the officiant today, when Tim and Katie were married in front of all their family and friends.

Ray is in the unique position to have married Katie and Tim not once, not twice, but thrice. Which seems like a very special and lucky thing, if you ask me.


Daytrip to Valpo

We had an impromptu trip out to Valparaiso today, right in the middle of the work day. The temperatures have gotten really warm this week, and our goal was to head out to borrow the large AC unit from Julie and Bob for another summer.


Christmas Dinner in Valparaiso

Today and tomorrow are a bit weird, in that I’m staying out in Valparaiso, IN but commuting in to Chicago. I rode in with Bob early in the AM (he came in to work on our place while I was at work), but took the South Shore line back out to Valpo at the end of the day.


Valparaiso, Revisited

Woke up pretty early, and got on the road around 6:00 AM. While there wasn’t any rain in the forecast, the whole day looked pretty overcast. And in the morning, there was a significant fog all the way as I was heading East through Indiana.


Tending the Lawn in Valparaiso

The riding mower has a large footprint, which definitely made things much easier. But even so, it took a long while to cover everything. And I’m hoping I didn’t leave any missed spots.

Bob tells me his lawn grows around an inch per day, and that he tries to cut around once every four days or so. And that things get a lot harder (and out of control) if he deviates too much off that schedule.