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The Priest

“His mates have ditched him.
He’s missed his train home.
And he wants to talk.
I want to sleep.
It’s gonna be a long night.”


The Most Important Device

One of his props has definitely made the round. Watching this video, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for at first… but when I realized what was going on, I had a good laugh:


Squid Game

I didn’t think it’d happen to me, but I got sucked into Squid Game. I wasn’t a fan of all the violence/gore, but eventually found the entire premise and unfolding story too compelling.


The Sandman: First Look

I’ve been a fan of Sandman ever since my friend Dipti introduced me to it, back when I was an undergraduate at Indiana University. I spent many a lovely evening, leaving my shift at the public library… walking over to the neighborhood comic store, buying a collection… and then spending a few hours on the front steps of my house, reading as the light faded to dusk.


Scotland, Day 12: Cairngorms National Park, Quad Biking through Rothiemurchus Estate, Cardhu Distillery, Strathisla Distillery, the Quaich Bar, Dinner at the Copper Dog

At one segment: there were Highland Cows in the road. And I mean literally in the road. At least two of them were actually taking a nap, right on the road.

Our guide drove up to them slowly, and stood up on her ATV as a means to get their attention and to get them to move. A few did (begrudgingly and slowly) move along.


Scotland, Day 6: Bowmore Distillery, Bruichladdich Distillery, Isle of Jura, Jura Distillery

We waited so long, in fact, that we were at risk of missing our ferry to Jura (it’s a short distance, but we wanted to get over to the island for as much of the day as possible). I really hauled on the drive from Bruichladdich to Port Askaig – and just floored it on the straightaways (where it was just a single lane, and I could clearly see no one else was around).


Beyond Expert

It’s fun to listen to his thought process, and to also share in his excitement and glee, as he goes about the course. I’m really curious now how many trails there are like this out in the world, and who exactly sets about creating them for others to enjoy?


Alternate Realities

This is a mesmerizing collection of videos, showing the top 100 submissions of a challenge issued to 3D artists worldwide. Each clip was based on the same initial animation, with certain rules that needed to be adhere


Remembering Gould

It’s pretentious at times. But I still have a fond memory of it. I don’t know whether this qualifies as an art film or not, but it’s definitely not your typical film.

The thing that I remember most fondly is that there were a few moments – a few select segments/scenes… that caught me off guard, and made me rethink how I listened to the world. One of those moments from the film was called “Truck Stop”: