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A Glimpse of Life: One Second of Video, Every Day, for a Year

A majority of the videos were pretty mundane: reading, watching TV, a laundry-basket full of socks. But somehow, these details made the whole thing seem that much more intimate. And they also provided a contrast to some of the more surprising moments: like a fireman walking down an apartment hallway, shown with little to no explanation (though I loved that the video to follow was of a friend, smoking).


Six Months at Sea in the Merchant Marine

His film documents his six-month journey aboard a container ship, travelling between New York and Singapore via the Suze Canal. Combining both still image and video, the documentary covers a wide range of topics: the various jobs on board the ship, the precautions taken for fear of pirates in the Gulf of Aden, and the constant comfort/problem of monotony.


Workplace Coffee Etiquette and Remembering Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

So at work, there are two large coffee carafes – one containing Starbucks coffee, and one containing Folgers. Both taste terrible, partly due to the fact that the grounds are all pre-packaged and partly due to the fact that the containers likely haven’t been cleaned between each use. But hey, it’s hot. And it’s free. And I’m trying to save money. And somewhere, beyond the awful burnt taste is a modicum of caffeine.

As it is in most offices across the world, the bane of the shared kitchen is the person who taps the coffee and leaves refilling it to the next guy. Large or small, all companies have these guys.


The Complicated Chinese Family Tree

Was just reminded of this the other day. Here’s a very good (and very detailed) look at the complex Chinese family tree – with specific names for each relation. The term “grandma” doesn’t quite cut it for us, as we have specific names for your mom’s mom vs. your dad’s mom. In fact, there’s a lot of differentiation happening based on one side of the family versus another. Age is also another point of delineation, as different names apply based on whether someone is older or younger than you.


Discovering a Warren of Baby Rabbits in the Backyard, Frankfort, IL

In Frankfort, while visiting Bob and Julie… Liz and I got to see something pretty cool. Out in the backyard, Julie showed us a small patch of ground by one of her bushes. There was a small patch of ground that was pulsing a little, moving around every so often. I didn’t know what was going on, but Liz (with a lot of hesitation) started to peel back the ground a little bit… and this is what we saw: