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Sword Swallower Gets Hiccup During Performance as Child Watches in Horror

The video itself is a little disturbing, once the guy starts to hiccup for the first time. You see him struggle to get the sword out in time, but… it’s not pretty. The footage isn’t all that bad, once the guy recording swings the camera out of the way. But it’s the sounds that the sword swallower makes (or rather, tries to make) that are really unsettling.


Gaki No Tsukai: Wall of Boxes

Happened to be browsing around YouTube this AM, and came across a hilarious video featuring several guys, suspended on top of what looks like 3 stories of colored, cardboard boxes. The game is pretty straight-forward: each participant selects a number from a board, and behind each number is a particular “punishment” – usually something that involves the potential for their boxes to be removed/destroyed. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues.