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Discovering a Warren of Baby Rabbits in the Backyard, Frankfort, IL

In Frankfort, while visiting Bob and Julie… Liz and I got to see something pretty cool. Out in the backyard, Julie showed us a small patch of ground by one of her bushes. There was a small patch of ground that was pulsing a little, moving around every so often. I didn’t know what was going on, but Liz (with a lot of hesitation) started to peel back the ground a little bit… and this is what we saw:


32 Hours, 7 Minutes: Q&A with Director Cory Welles

“I remember the feeling, the sense that we just really weren’t connected to anyone else’s reality. We were flying across the country, at a rate faster than anyone else was going for a constant time. So in a way, my view looking back now on it: I still can get back to that same feeling. I felt almost like we were hovering over the Earth, while we were driving. Whether it was a couple feet or a couple inches, it… there was a complete disconnect. “