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Hugo vs. the Tunnel

Hanging out with the bunnies tonight, I caught Hugo getting a little aggressive with the tunnel. I’m not sure if he was just bored (probably), but he really went at this thing… more than I’ve seen him in a while.


Belated Birthday Dinner at Balmoral

Interesting tidbit 1: I think a while ago, Liz got to meet Joe for the first time at this very restaurant. And it’s also where she got to taste different scotch whiskies that were outside of the peaty/smoky realm. And I daresay that’s when she got the spark to start exploring scotch whisky a lot more, and started going down her sherry bomb phase.


Felix Jung, 20×2: What Did You See?

Had a fun night at 20×2 Chicago, with a new venue: Gman Tavern. The question was: “What Did You See?”

For those not familiar with the format, 20 presenters are invited to participate. Folks can answer the prompt however they like: show some slides, sing a song, do an interpretive dance. The only hard rule is that they must answer the question, in two minutes or less. It makes for a very interesting evening.


Daisy, Sleeping

The flop at the end of the video is icing on the cake. We’ve rarely seen Daisy over on her side like this, so it’s a testament to how comfortable she must have gotten. I will say – it makes me a little nervous, seeing how much she’s been sleeping lately.


Brent Hull: Victorian Interior Millwork

Lately, I’ve been looking up trim videos online. And one of the topics was trying to better understand how our old trim was used in the house (our home is from 1885). I came across this really informative video from Brent Hull, and found it incredibly fascinating. Before I knew it, I had watched the whole thing.


Bunny Traffic Jam

We have this plastic tunnel thing that we bring out, from time to time. It’s older, and not something Hugo has really seen before.

Tonight, Liz threw few pellets inside to encourage Hugo to explore. Because Hugo, for all his size and weight, is still something of a scaredy cat.