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Skyfall Advance Screening, via Klout and Cadillac

Overall, the “marketing” at the event wasn’t oppressive. There were a few banners posted up around the movie theaters, and a few small signs, and the bags… but beyond that, it was fairly low key. A woman greeted the audience at the start of the movie, and though I expected her to go into some shpiel about the car… she didn’t. We watched a brief 2-3 minute commercial, and the movie began pretty much immediately.


The Mystery of the Self-Balancing Unicycle

Last week, I spotted a guy zipping down the sidewalk on what looked to be a unicycle. But the thing about it was that he wasn’t pedalling or moving his feet. It looked as though he was simply in a seated position, balanced above a black disc… gliding. It was weird.


The Great LEGO Ball Contraption

What’s incredible to me is that there never seems to be an area where the balls are backed up. There was maybe one spot where I could see that a few balls got stuck, but other than that – no traffic jams, and things just seemed to move along at a consistent clip.


Peugeot Paperwork

This is one of those posts where I realize it’s an ad, but it’s still worth sharing anyways. Happened across the “Making Of” video, and tracked down the original advert. Pretty cool stuff:


Clockwork – K’nex Ball Machine

When I first began watching this video, I thought to myself: Ok – how could this possibly be interesting for a full 5 minutes? Then, I saw something pretty cool – and then something else, and then something else.

I could tell this was a jaw-dropping project from the get-go, but seeing some of the details (the loops, the ramps) were really impressive.


The Paper Chase – Contracts

Appropriate that I post this, as I’ve been spending most of the day working on putting together and playing around with fake contracts.

I love this movie, in kind of the same way I love Dead Poets Society – a classic movie about school and studying. So dated, and so terrific.


Bryan’s Video Proposal to Jamie (With a Little Help From Elvis and a Lot of Friends)

Jamie and I are going to Hawaii in August, and she’s a big Elvis fan. To work with that, I would like to get small clips of you lip-syncing to parts of “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis. Don’t worry, you wont have to do the whole song. Once I get a good grasp of who will be involved, the song will be chopped up and you will be sent a small part to lip-sync.