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Bugs Bunny, Song Memory, and a Rainy Night in Rio

For some reason beyond my understanding, the song that Bugs Bunny first sings in the episode Long-Haired Hare got stuck in my head, a few days ago. And after kind of humming it quietly to myself, I came upon a sudden realization: I could look it up on the Internet!

I’ve never known the name of the song, and I’m not sure why it took me all this time to actually look the thing up. It’s been a bit of a mystery to me, and it’s silly to realize that I could have easily looked this up 5+ years ago.


Robbie: A Short Film About An Aging Robot, Made From NASA Archival Footage

Set 6,000 years in the future, Robbie is an aging self-aware robot looking back on his life in the last moments before his battery life runs out.

Created by Neil Harvey, the film is composed entirely from over 10 hours of NASA archival footage. I’m not 100% on this, as I assumed there were some scenes that involved manipulation, but I think it’s almost all done through video from NASA.


Flight Documentary on Kickstarter

They’ve got an ambitious goal: $30,000 with a little under $6,000 pledged at the time of this blog post (with 19 days to go).

I’ll tell you this – I love the idea of Kickstarter, but haven’t really backed a ton of projects to date. Mostly, they’ve been projects started by friends that I wanted to support. But in this case, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is.


Hypnotic Mushroom Sorting Video

There are some really ingenious moments, where they seem to be able to impose a bit of order on something that looks like all kinds of chaos and randomness. In particular: using graduated openings to separate out mushrooms into 10 different sizes (1:31) and automatically aligning mushrooms to the same direction (2:39).