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Brent Hull: Victorian Interior Millwork

Lately, I’ve been looking up trim videos online. And one of the topics was trying to better understand how our old trim was used in the house (our home is from 1885). I came across this really informative video from Brent Hull, and found it incredibly fascinating. Before I knew it, I had watched the whole thing.


Bunny Traffic Jam

We have this plastic tunnel thing that we bring out, from time to time. It’s older, and not something Hugo has really seen before.

Tonight, Liz threw few pellets inside to encourage Hugo to explore. Because Hugo, for all his size and weight, is still something of a scaredy cat.


A Familiar Animation

There is a sadness and melancholy that emanates from both of these videos. Both of these videos evoke a sense of hurt and a sense of celebration, in equal measure. As does the act of sharing these videos, I think.


Heavy Metal Nostalgia from a Marvel Movie Trailer

This is going to be a bit of a ride, bear with me.

In the 1980’s, I was into Heavy Metal. Mostly hair metal at first. I was trying to move away from the musical instruments my parents forced me to learn (piano, violin) and was trying to learn how to play guitar.


Bunny Tunnel Vision

I tried to be very quiet and slow, for fear of startling her. I got a few quick photos, and then decided to take some video of her just… well, sitting there. And then this happened:


Daisy the Stoic

Tonight when we were sitting with the bunnies (a nightly ritual for us, near the end of the evening), Hugo was bopping around some. But Liz and I were laughing at Daisy, who was just sitting still, with this kind of far-off daze on her face. Just totally checked out and indifferent.


Against the Storm

The gameplay is a bit mesmerizing, and I find a kind of hypnotic appeal to the constant building and re-building of structures and roads, clearing out trees and setting up trade routes. Is it weird to say that it feels somewhat calming?


Sprice Machines: Ice Cream Server

I want to argue that Cog (which came out in 2003) was one of the first “viral” Rube Goldberg machines to make the rounds on the Internet. Which was no small feat back then, since it would be another 3 years until YouTube came to be.