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Snowy Travel

At times, there was nothing at all. And other times, we were nearly blinded with snowfall. This alternated back and forth for the last half of the trip. At one point, I remember most of the cars on the highway going down to around 30 mph.


Halloween in Hyde Park, 2022: Plinko Board

We had a blast, watching kids step up and try to “win” their candy. I think the most memorable moments for us were when the kids tried to unsuccessfully play the game (we had several kids just throw the pucks at the board, head-on).


I’m Seeing Double Here: Four LED Strips!

I have to confess – the first time I pressed the switch and saw this working, I started giggling uncontrollably. This is all fairly rudimentary electronics wiring, but I continue to feel lucky every time things just work – and also lucky that my components aren’t exploding in a small burst of flame and smoke.


30 Seconds of Daisy Snoring

I was sitting with Daisy one evening, and she decided to just hang out in her hop-n-flop… and promptly fell asleep. But not only was she sleeping, she started snoring.

I was able to get my camera out, and quietly filmed her up close for a little while.


Backyard Hummingbird

A few days ago, I was able to record this visitor to our yard. Surprisingly, we’ve had a lot of hummingbirds stop by this year, despite us not having an actual hummingbird feeder.


Core Fill

If you thought our concrete work was over, think again! With our concrete blocks in place, the next step we had was to fill the cores of all the blocks with concrete. Our aim was to make a “soupy” layer, to pour down each core… and to finish the tops with a more solid layer.


Keeper of Time

I came across the documentary Keeper of Time several months ago, and was completely taken by the trailer. I was so intrigued by this documentary that I actually put in a calendar reminder for myself to buy tickets to see this thing online.


Damien Desbrosses and the Mountain of Hell

The description of Desbrosses’ perseverence is difficult to comprehend. And the whole video is really something to behold, especially the first few minutes.

It’s an insane number of bikers, and the whole course passes through all manner of terrain. I don’t know that I’ve seen a course like this.