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Franklin Room: Scotch Malt Whisky Society, March 2024 Outturn

Fun evening – we got to sit next to Michael, one of the regulars. And if memory serves, Michael (along with the event host Elhan) was among the first founders of the Chicago chapter of Drammers.

It was really fun for me to sit back, and to listen to Liz and Michael go back and forth. I tend to be intimidated in these settings, as my palate and experience seem limited compared to others – and I’m always awed to watch Liz, who is very much in her element.


Franklin Room: Scotch Malt Whisky Society, November 2023 Outturn

Recently, we’ve had the good fortune to taste several very incredible bottles that folks brought to share. And prior to tonight, Liz and I were debating on bringing something of our own to share.

After having sampled so many generous drams from others, we were wanting to offer something to the “group” at large. We ended up bringing one of the bottles we got from our visit to
Bunnahabhain, when we travelled to Islay back in 2021.


Franklin Room: Scotch Malt Whisky Society, September 2023 Outturn

I was listening to Liz opine about her thoughts on various drams. Everyone had their opinions, but as part of her guesses Liz would mention things like Sauternes casks.

As I watched and listened, it dawned on me that Liz really likes whisky and I just like to drink. I think my palette is getting better, but she’s really done a lot more research, paid a lot more attention to things. Watching her go back and forth with Michael and Max, she’s on a whole other level than where I am.


Belated Birthday Dinner at Balmoral

Interesting tidbit 1: I think a while ago, Liz got to meet Joe for the first time at this very restaurant. And it’s also where she got to taste different scotch whiskies that were outside of the peaty/smoky realm. And I daresay that’s when she got the spark to start exploring scotch whisky a lot more, and started going down her sherry bomb phase.


Errands and an Impromptu Date Night at Lady Gregory’s

Closer to 6:00 PM, we were on the verge of heading back home. But ended up calling Lady Gregory’s to see if we could snag a table for some dinner.

Their whisky selection was on our radar, and this was a potential place were had talked about visiting. We lucked out and the person I spoke with offered to hold a table for us (we were a good 25 minutes away). And just like that: impromptu date night.