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Lazy Day

A bit later on in the evening. I realized I hadn’t gotten any photos of Sandy, who continues to be the best dog ever. For a good part of our stay, she was curled up in her bed in front of the fireplace. Which, let’s be honest… if I could get away with doing something like that, I’d do that all week long.


Evening Walk to the Lake

Today, after work, we made it a point to throw on our coats and head out. Liz had run a few errands earlier in the day, and the overall temps were fairly mild. She described it as a “very Fall day,” and so we decided to take advantage.


The View from the Office

It’s an odd thing, as Liz is 100% remote and I’m doing a hybrid thing (remote, two days in the office). So the fact that we’re “remote remote,” and away from our actual house seems… immaterial. Remote is remote, after all.


A Day of Naps

It should be noted: at this point in the day, I’ve had two naps. And would eventually have another, in the late evening. I think both of us were very low on sleep, and given the opportunity… seem to have had some catching up to do.


Game Night, Late Night

And then! After we got back, we got to sitting on the couch and just talking. We ended up visiting and catching up, and time somehow got away from us. At some point, Grace went to bed and Jackson came downstairs… and we all just kept on talking and talking. Telling stories, sharing stories.

I think that by the time we decided to call it a night it was close to 3:30 AM! Seriously!


Date Night at the Beach

We had some time alone at the lake house with Grace. But tonight, she was working an evening shift (3PM – 11PM)… so Liz and I decided to take a stroll on the beach by ourselves (with Sandy in tow). We didn’t quite stay long enough for the sunset, but were out a good while in the early evening.


Late Night Storm

All told, this was an incredible show that we watched for a solid 30 to 40 minutes. It felt incredibly special, incredibly unique. And I loved that we were all able to share in this moment, experiencing this silent awe.

I don’t know how many more times I’ll see something like this in my lifetime. I’m hoping it’s more than this one time. But I will tell you – I’m happy I got this one.


The Leak

On the way up, we realized something was up with our air conditioning. About 5 miles from their place, the AC just started to get hot. And we started to see water coming in to the cab – especially by the passenger side.