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Last Look

We were up early this morning, trying to head out before traffic gets bad. Snapped this photo of Kirt and Liz, taking a moment to lookout on the lake… one last time, before heading home.


Thanksgiving at Whitehall Lakehouse, 2021

A busy kitchen. And me, just standing off to the side, watching all the action take place. L to R it’s Liz, waiting on some ingredients, Kirt tending to the turkey and potatoes, Izzy prepping biscuits and rolling croissants, Anne checking the cupboards.


Working From (a New) Home

We’re spending Thanksgiving with the Holder family, up at their lakehouse in Whitehall. Liz and I ended up arriving a few days before everyone else, deciding to bring our laptops (and monitors) so that we could still work from home. Albeit from a new/different home.


Travel Day

Travel day, Chicago to Whitehall. I think it’s both pragmatic and ridiculous, the way we transported our computer monitors.


Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1

With our travel done yesterday afternoon/evening, Liz and I spent the day today working remotely. Which… when you’re already working remotely, where that happens seems like a moot point.


Weekend in Whitehall, Day 2

I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos this weekend. I was planning, originally, to start that sentence with “sadly” but I’m wondering now if this was a bad thing. I ended up enjoying the moment more, and wasn’t as focused on trying to document the moment.


Weekend in Whitehall, Day 1

We were able to make it on the road by 4PM, with our luggage stored in the back and a fresh cup of coffee for me up front. Though this was a vacation, the days prior to today have been very busy for us. I’d say that maybe an hour or two into the drive, I started to relax a little bit. And felt the grip of the previous week loosen, slightly.


Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 4

A scene from the battle of the siblings, taken to mostly commemorate a minor skirmish. Isabelle had gotten on the float, and then Jackson had tried to use the other float to bop her into the water. His float got away from him, and he was unsuccessful in retrieving it with a paddle.

Isabelle remained safely in the distance.