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The Best Tagline

A week or two ago, Liz and I found ourselves near Wicker Park on an errand run. Stopping by the Home Depot there, I spotted a few dumpsters for Heneghan Wrecking – and was reminded of just how much I love their tagline: “We Make Space.”


Mr. Imagine’s Toy Store in Wicker Park, Chicago: An Awesome Store Where No Toys Are For Sale

Made to look like a real toy store on the outside, the interior reveals that there are actually no toys for sale at all – just lots and lots of cardboard. Kids are encouraged to pick from a variety of cardboard boxes, each featuring an augmented reality barcode (when scanned, it reveals a possible toy that can be made). In the rear of the store is a “Workshop” area, featuring a lot of markers, crayons, scissors, tape and glue… where each child can run wild with their imagination, creating whatever they like.