Ten Best Days of 2005

Alex’s Bachelor Party – August 13th, 2004

A bunch of old friends, gathered on Justin’s porch to help celebrate Alex’s last days of bachelordom. I recall nothing but deep and constant laughter, all night.

Alex and Linda’s Wedding – September 5th, 2004

An amazing two days in Green Bay, surrounded by old friends who gathered to wish Alex and Linda well in their future life together. Love and happiness in the air, at every turn.

Drinks with Trent – September 9th, 2004

A few drinks after work turns into hookah-induced goofiness. Top the evening off with the absolute BEST FUCKING POOL SHOT EVER, and this easily ranks in my top ten.

The “Operation” Halloween Costume – October 29th, 2004

I’m a sucker for Halloween, and this year was no exception. I had a pretty fantastic costume this year, if I do say so myself. And what would Halloween be if it didn’t also include a trip out to hang with the MFA folks, out in Columbus?

New Year’s Eve with Jasmine – December 31st, 2004

I got to meet my niece Jasmine for the first time, and celebrated New Year’s with my family. I don’t know how it can get any better than this.

Hot Doug’s + Balsdurdash – February 19th, 2005

The fact that this was my first ever visit to Hot Doug’s should automatically qualify for a top ten ranking. But to top things off, I also got to hang out all day with Justin, Alex and Dave, only to end the night with a fun game of Balsdurdash.

My Birthday @ Whirlyball – March 9th, 2005

Happy 31st birthday to me! Drinks at Inner Town before and after, a heavy metal happy birthday song, some bumper car action, and a whiffle ball. Can somebody say PAR-TAY?

Video Games, Hot Doug’s, Texas Holdem and the Empty Bottle – May 12th, 2005

Check this shit out. I get a box full with video games. Then Hot Doug’s. Then some poker. Then a few shows at the Empty Bottle, where I’m floored when Battles take the stage. A run-in with friends, and a great game of Star Wars. All in a single day.

Hanging with the Fam – May 28th, 2005

Back home in Indianapolis, visiting my niece Jasmine and my newphew Andrew (who’s visiting from out of town). I meet up with some old high school friends, and my relatives have me smiling all throughout the day. The videos really capture how awesome this day was.

Helping Rob Move – June 1st, 2005

I finally visit Rob’s studio space, as he’s moving out. Today is list-worthy because I overcame my fear of heights and climbed way up to the roof of the building. But it’s also list-worthy because I got to hang out with Rob more than I have before, touring the place and helping him move to his new office.

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