Ten Best Days of 2008

Korean BBQ, Kirin Beer, and Daytime Talk Shows – February 27, 2008

A great evening out with coworkers and friends, dining on Korean food (which I hadn’t had since I was in grad school). Lots of new food and tastes, lots of Kirin beer. Something about taking your shoes off automatically makes things more enjoyable, and more relaxing.

My Amazing (and Slightly Terrifying) Birthday Surprise – March 9, 2008

I woke up to what was quite possibly the best birthday gift I’ve ever received. EVER. And after you read the birthday entry, make sure to check out what happened ten days later.

We’re Going Someplace Called “Pita Inn?” In Skokie? Really? – March 31st, 2008

A rare invite from Kashif led to a group of us road-tripping out to Skokie to eat dinner at a place called Pita Inn. I don’t normally get to hang out with Kashif or James that often, so it was a great opportunity to do so (and have some great food to boot). What I recall most from this day is how much I was laughing at the time, joking around with everyone and literally having tears in my eyes from the laughter.

I Propose Marriage and Liz Says Yes: We’re Engaged! – April 9th, 2008

If this is a list of good days, then this day is by far the best I’ve ever, ever had. After this day, every single one that followed has been a good day.

Happy 97th Birthday, Grandma Jung! – August 2nd, 2008

Being able to be there to celebrate my grandma’s 97th birthday was a great thing. But having all of the family – cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, that was pretty great.

As a nice bonus to the day, Liz and I also got to visit the Indianapolis Zoo, prior to the party. Any day where you can pet sharks goes in the “win” column.

My New Office – August 5th, 2008

After receiving a promotion, getting an actual office was a huge milestone for me, in terms of my professional career. Though I had been working as a manager for several months prior, actually moving in to an office of my own was a huge deal to me.

Chris and Leslie: Totally Married – August 8th, 2008

I love celebrating friends’ weddings. It’s like hanging out at Arrivals at an airport – nothing but smiling people everywhere you look, and everyone is just happy and full of love. I was delighted to be able to share in celebrating Leslie and Chris’ big day.

As a bonus, here’s a snapshot of Chris with the ring, prior to him popping the big question.

Playing Pictionary for Prizes – August 28th, 2008

Perhaps it’s silly, but a simple night out playing Pictionary in Allison’s backyard made my list. I laughed myself silly, and enjoyed every moment, sinking beers and making bad sketches on paper. Like my trip to Pita Inn, what I remember most about this day was how much I was laughing the whole evening.

Latest Project: Colourful Echo – Music Visualizer Displaying Data and Colors Behind Your MP3’s – September 19th, 2008

While not one of my most favorite experiments, this particular project involved a great deal of work and research. I grappled with the Echo Nest API and spent a few frustrating weeks trying to work with Amazon’s Simple Storage Service.

Though it didn’t take off like I had hoped it would… in looking back, I’m particularly proud of all the effort and work I put into the mechanics behind the project.

My Zombie Costume for Halloween – October 31st, 2008

After not dressing up for Halloween for two years running, I’m glad I actually spent the time/energy to do so this year. I’ve done the Zombie costume before, but took a different route this year with the approach to the makeup (and heaped on the fake blood to boot).

Every year, I stress about Halloween for the whole month of October – will I make a costume? Will I not? And when I finally do go through wiht a costume, I end up having a blast. I loved all the double-takes, and the surprised smiles I got all day. If there is any guaranteed way to stay young, it’s to ensure you dress up every year for Halloween.

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