Ten Best Days of 2012

Warrior Dash 2012, Illinois: Dollinger Family Farm

A few friends were participating this fun obstacle course, and I went along to document the event. I learned about the race many months ahead of time and was able to contact the organizers and received a press pass, which enabled me to roam around the course over the course of multiple waves.

Jung Family Vacation in Sawyer, Michigan – Day 2: Warren Dunes State Park and the Silver Beach Carousel

In June, Liz and I went on a vacation with my family and my sister’s family. We hadn’t all gone on a trip together in many a year, and so we trekked out to Michigan and rented a house near the dunes.

Mandatory Fun: Game 4 (and the Most Amazing Winning Run, Ever)

A solo home run by yours truly was a nice bonus to the day, but it paled in comparison to the best play our kickball team’s ever had. The video is amazing, and is a must-watch.

Pool Day in Atlanta: Swimming Lessons and First Jumps

Color Run Chicago, 2012: Photo/Video Recap

The Color Run is a 5K that sees its participants doused in a multitude of colorful powder, as they progress through the race. Every runner gets a white t-shirt at the start, which by the end is literally covered in a rainbow of blues and greens and yellows.

Mr. Imagine’s Toy Store in Wicker Park, Chicago: An Awesome Store Where No Toys Are For Sale

A delightful and free storefront that only existed for a week, Mr. Imagine’s Toy Store was a lovely discovery that made me feel like a kid again.

Couch to 5K: Running Nonstop

In the movie Real Genius, when Val Kilmer’s character is asked if he runs, he responds with: “Only when chased.” I’ve long had an aversion to running, and many years of smoking Marlboros prior to quitting left me in pretty poor shape.

After several weeks of slowly increasing distance, I was finally able to run for a solid 25 minutes, nonstop. This to me was a really huge deal, and something I was very proud of.

Exploring Half Moon Bay and the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

While in San Francisco for a wedding, I spent the better part of an afternoon exploring around the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve with my sister’s family. We were shown a wide range of things: small fish, crabs, starfish and gulls. Not only was the area an amazing one to explore, being around Jahnu and Jasmine (who were in a constant state of discovery and excitement) was a wonderful thing.

Early Christmas in Frankfort

Though this was probably the beginning of a lengthy, multi-week bout of illness for both me and Liz… spending an early Christmas night in Frankfort was a lovely way to begin the holidays.

Liz’s childhood home in Frankfort is always a place of comfort and relaxation for me, and it’s doubly so when the Christmas lights and candles come out.

A Giant Origami Crane in Logan Square

A chance neighborhood discovery led to me an overly large origami crane, smack in the middle of Logan Square. Curious to learn more, I ended up knocking on the front door of the house and got to speak with one of the creators of the crane.

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