Ten Best Days of 2014

Solo Demo Run

Prior to moving in to our new house, there was a lot of work that happened. For much of it, Bob was there at my side helping me and advising me. But this day marked the first day I tackled some work on my own.

I was a little hesitant, but after gaining more confidence after this day… I got much better (and much faster) at doing demo work.

Birthday Drinks at Parlare

Hosted at a site that Justin first introduced me to, my birthday was a low key event with close friends in attendance. Despite being a terrible homebody, I still have people in my life who are willing to trek out and raise a glass to/with me.

First Family Dinner

Though we moved in to our house the day prior, this particular day was more special to me.

After closing on the house in October and doing lots of work in the following months… this day marked our first ever meal at the house.

The dinner was made using a microwave and a George Foreman grill. And it all took place in our makeshift kitchen/dining room. The first meal, with the promise of many more to come.

20×2 Chicago: Where Are We?

I’ve participated in every 20×2 Chicago event to date, where each presenter is given 2 minutes to answer the same question. For the prompt “Where Are We?” I talked about trying to track down all the various “Felix Jungs” I could find on Facebook.

Though the search didn’t go quite as planned, the talk itself was one of my most successful ones (at least, in my opinion). The crowd really seemed to enjoy it, and I had a blast presenting.

Check out an overview of the evening, and also links to speakers I really liked.

Liz Birthday Day: Architectural Artifacts, Edgewater Antique Mall, Broadway Antique Market, Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

So much fun stuff! For Liz’s birthday this year, I had a host of events planned. We hit up several antique spots, and closed off the day with a visit to Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits – a fantastic spot that I’ve not been able to stop thinking about, ever since I tasted their delicious wares.

Special shout-out to the fantastic Bionic Woman goodtime Coloring Book I found, while hopping around to varios spots on this day.

Augur: iPhone App That Uses Twitter to Tell the Future

I had an idea for an iPhone app for… well, an embarrassingly long time. And I finally got around to building the thing, and launched it on the iTunes store this year! It was really satisfying to actually create this idea that had been rattling around in my head for so long.

Basement Demo, Jackhammer Edition

Another big milestone for us, regarding the house. While this was a momentous occasion in terms of the work we accomplished – this was also a moment where Liz and I worked on things without Bob’s supervision.

We had watched him use the demo hammer before, and on this day… we were independent. It was a little daunting, but got us more comfortable doing things “on our own.” We tore things up – literally!

Stopping at a Cemetery on the Way Home

While Liz and I were staying in Frankfort for a few weeks (we were getting new pipes installed), we commuted from the Metra stop in Richton Park. Right next to the parking lot at the station, there was a small/old church with a graveyard in the back – slightly obscured by trees and bushes.

I remarked on this cemetery a few times, and on this day… Liz decided we would take a small detour on the way home, and we walked right in.

Underviewed: Searching YouTube Using Default Video File Names

Another project of mine from 2014, Underviewed searches YouTube for videos that have generic filenames as their titles. This was my first exposure to Angular, and a site that has garnered a fair amount of coverage.

Jung Family Vacation in Arizona, Day 5: Hiking the West Fork Trail and West Fork Oak Creek

On the 5th day of our family trip to Arizona, Liz and I headed out on our own. We spent about 5 hours hiking a total of about 8 miles along the West Fork Trail in Sedona.

It was a beautiful trail, and exhausting and awesome. Very much the highlight of our trip!

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