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Felix + Dzintra + Queensrÿche

Part of a book anthology that started as a website, Cassette From My Ex gathers stories from people who reminisce about the long gone era of cassette mix tapes. In addition to sharing the actual mix tape songs, each story also provides a glimpse into those early days when music and romance were being discovered at the same time.

Contributors to the anthology include Joe Levy (editor-in-chief, Maxim), Claudia Gonson (the Magnetic Fields), Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere) and author Rick Moody. I’m delighted to be in such good company.

My story centers on an ex-girlfriend of mine named Dzintra, and a certain wall that was situated between our houses in Indianapolis. Here’s an excerpt, from the opening:

I was an Asian guy with long hair who was into Heavy Metal; she was a Latvian dancer who liked to chain-smoke Camels. We met in Mr. Dennis’ Orchestra class at North Central High School. We both played violin, and we both had unusual names: Felix and Dzintra.

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