Q101 My Shuffle, Playlist Creator

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In 2005, Chicago’s Q101 (WKQX) shifted its on-air strategy and began an “on shuffle” campaign, expanding their playlist to include a wider range of alternative music. In 2006, users were invited to participate in the process by submitting their own playlists directly to the station.

Working with the development team, I created a Flash interface that communicated with the radio station’s databases – providing a dynamic list of artist and tracks for the user to select from. Additionally, visitors could also “write-in” their own selections, if their songs weren’t represented.

Playlists could be submitted to the station for review, and if selected… would be played over the airwaves.

As the station updated its core group of artists/tracks, these changes would appear in the “My Shuffle” interface. This interface was one of many Flash-based admins that were used to sync the station’s preferences/data with a larger set of artists and tracks we were continually receiving from Apple.

Please note that the artists/tracks here are only an example, and are run off local XML files.

Original launch date: July, 2006

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